Uniface Quick Reference Guides – PDF

October 17, 2018

Recently I found some old Uniface Quick Reference Guides that I once used. Uniface Version 5.2, and 6.1.


They were always very useful.

So, I’ve scanned them into PDF files and uploaded them here, for anyone that might find them useful.

Uniface Quick Reference Guide V5.2


Uniface Quick Reference Guide V6.1



If you’d like the actual books, please contact me.

Memory Lane – Uniface

January 10, 2012

In 1995, I started working with Oracle, with the front end being Uniface from Compuware. I worked with Uniface versions 5 and 6 from 1995 until early 1999. The screens were GUI, and worked with a mouse, but were character based. Something like Wordperfect for DOS at the time.

These Uniface versions we ran on Windows 3.1 machines with only 16 megs of ram! So, I learned a lot about tuning, having worked with Uniface!

Uniface was a client server product. It had an interesting concept. Create your schema using entities in Uniface. Uniface would generate scripts for table creation in Oracle. Then deploy it to: dbase on a LAN, Oracle on Unix, Sybase on a VAX, etc.

Then, you would create your screens in Uniface to access and modify the data. The screens were executable files that were stored on the LAN.

The idea was that Uniface would handle everything, in spite of the differences between systems. In theory, Uniface could work with two different products (dbase and Oracle) at the same time. One Face.

Uniface Strengths:

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