Using Opera And Zone Alarm To Stop Annoying Flash Advertising!

September 12, 2011

Don’t you just hate all those websites that use flash? And more flash. And banners. And animation. And videos. All over the webpages. And any and all other crap that interferes with the content that you went to see in the first place?

I often have many browser windows open, and multiple tabs in each window. Most of the computer memory gets taken up by the browsers. And then much of the CPU being used, is just being used to display webpages!

I get really annoyed with all the crap that is thrown at me by some websites. All it does is slow down my machine. The swine! What did they think the result would be? That I would reward them with a click? Or a purchase???? Duh!

I discovered some cool features in Opera that I’ve been able to use, along with the Zone Alarm firewall to make things easier.

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Someone has hacked my email account via Facebook! And I can’t fix it!

August 14, 2011

Facebook has been giving me some serious security problems lately! And IT’S NOT EVEN MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!!!!

Short Version:

Someone has used one of my email addresses as an alternate in their Facebook account.
Facebook actually allowed them to do that!
Because of whatever Facebook did and/or didn’t do in their systems, I could actually login to the culprit’s facebook account via my Yahoo account!
But now the other Facebook user has once again changed my email’s password, and I can’t login to my Yahoo email again!
Nor can I contact Facebook to get them to correct it!

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