Clearing The BIOS Passwords On My Acer Laptop

December 5, 2015

Recently, I bought an older Acer Travelmate 8473T laptop on Ebay. Why not, it was only about $100. But it turned out to be not such a good deal.

One thing that really bothered me was that I could not access the BIOS.


Acer BIOS Password Request

Usually, I’ll upgrade and reconfigure my machines. So, accessing the BIOS is really important.

This began another long project. Over a few weeks, I’ve spend probably 20 hours or more. Don’t you just love it when bad people and/or technology problems become the black hole of your time?

Quick Solution:

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Reverse Engineering Netbeans

May 21, 2013

Recently, I took a java course. A number of co-students had problems with version compatibility after they used their Netbeans, MYSQL, and Java stack at home and brought their work to school. So, I wanted to have the exactly same versions when I did my installation.

But, immediately after I had installed Netbeans 7.3 on Windows 7 (64 bit) and started it, a message popped up indicating that 12 updates were available. I’ve only just started, and already it wants to update.

How to turn the updates off? I don’t want them updating at all. And I especially don’t want automatic updates going on behind my back, the way Adobe Acrobat reader does.

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Gmail Suddenly Connects To 30 Ports On My Machine!

February 15, 2012

One personal machine I have is a 32 bit Windows XP Pro Machine. It still works fine.

With it, I open up Safari. One browser, and one window only. Check gmail. Logout.

Then, I open up a DOS/CMD window and run netstat.


netstat -ab

TCP blue:1423 ESTABLISHED 2684

TCP blue:1393 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1394 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1395 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1396 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1397 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1398 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1399 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1400 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1401 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1402 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1403 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1404 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1405 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1406 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1407 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1408 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1409 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1410 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1411 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1413 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1414 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1416 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1417 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1418 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1419 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1420 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1421 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1424 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:1426 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:2869 .:54497 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:6591 .:http TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:17987 .:http TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:23244 .:http TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:54473 .:http TIME_WAIT 0
TCP blue:echo blue:0 LISTENING 1296


Wow! Look at all the network connections. If you count “HTTP”, google created 30 HTTP connections!
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Review of Colasoft – Network Activity Analyzer – It’s Awesome!

January 23, 2012

The other week, I downloaded Colasoft’s Network Activity Analyzer, and took it for a test drive. Colasoft is a fabulous network analyzer, intuitively obvious and such a pleasure to work with. It installs and works in a few minutes. It’s highly recommended!

Colasoft Network Analyzer

Colasoft Network Analyzer

I was prompted to download it, because I’ve often wondered about network activity on my machines.

In addition to seeing the total network activity on the machine, I’d like to see the network activity by each browser window. And further, by each tab in each web browser. So far, I haven’t found a product to do this. If anyone knows of a such a product, please leave a comment. I’d love to see the product.
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Analysis of Adobe Acrobat Reader Update: How To Finally Shut It Up!

November 20, 2011

Analysis of Adobe Acrobat Reader Update: How To Finally Shut It Up!

Adobe Acrobat Reader likes to update. And update. And update. Ever notice? I turned the update off. But it still continued to update.  I expect computers and software to serve me. Not the other way around. When I tell software to not update, guess what that means?

Analysis of Adobe Acrobat Reader and Updater:

So I decided to do what I do at work a lot. Reverse engineer much of the system and solve the problem.   Here the things I tried, and some of my analysis.  Not in chronological order.

Installed Programs:

I looked at the installed programs.

Adobe Installed Programs From Windows Installer

Adobe Installed Programs From Windows Installer

There is Abobe. But there is no specific program for the updater.

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Safari and Gmail on Windows: Lots of CPU

November 10, 2011

Recently, I’ve noticed that when I use the Safari browser on XP for Gmail, it takes up a LOT of my machine’s CPU.

Gmail on Safari Uses a LOT of CPU

Around 50%!

This is not just when I’ve opened Gmail. It is a number of minutes after. And it will go on for a number of minutes.

What is going on here?

On the machine I’m concerned about, I’m using:
Safari 5.0.2
Windows XP

Using Opera And Zone Alarm To Stop Annoying Flash Advertising!

September 12, 2011

Don’t you just hate all those websites that use flash? And more flash. And banners. And animation. And videos. All over the webpages. And any and all other crap that interferes with the content that you went to see in the first place?

I often have many browser windows open, and multiple tabs in each window. Most of the computer memory gets taken up by the browsers. And then much of the CPU being used, is just being used to display webpages!

I get really annoyed with all the crap that is thrown at me by some websites. All it does is slow down my machine. The swine! What did they think the result would be? That I would reward them with a click? Or a purchase???? Duh!

I discovered some cool features in Opera that I’ve been able to use, along with the Zone Alarm firewall to make things easier.

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