Tech Workers Have A Shootout

May 9, 2019

Imagine tech workers in a cowboy western movie, such as, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, or any of the Clint Eastwood westerns.  🙂


Oh yeah, well let’s settle this with a duel! Just let me get my e-gun!

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Online Characters: Trolls, Speculators, Snobs, Team Players

September 23, 2018

Forums: Trolls, Speculators, Snobs, Team Players

Sometimes, when I’m working on software issues, I’ll post a question on a forum. This I usually do only after a few hours of struggle. If you read my blog, you’ll find many tech struggles that I’ve had.

Occasionally, I’ll have to register with a website first, and then wait for approval. Login again. Document my long struggle concisely. Then ask the question on a complex subject that I’m only just becoming familiar with, to elicit a good answer.

And so often, I’ll have an awful experience with the online characters. I’ve categorized them in a quadrant, with the two axis: Helpful vs Knowledgeable/Competent






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So Confident, but SO WRONG!

January 1, 2013

Watch NextGenHacker101 explain what the command tracert does.

On Windows, he runs the command:

He pronounces the command: “tracer T”, calls the colon a “dot dot”. Incredibly, he concludes that there are (only) 10 people looking at the website at the moment, and that he can see their IP addresses!

This of course, is not what the command, trace route does.

He is so confident of himself. But so incredibly wrong! It’s another example of the Dunning Kruger Effect.

Do you know anyone like this? How would you evaluate the quality of the systems that they produce?


Joke: How many people does it take to install an Oracle product?

January 15, 2012

As the joke goes, how many people does it take to install an Oracle product (RAC, Oracle Apps, OBIEE, etc)?

One tech writer to write an online book with over a dozen chapters, or a 150 page install document

And 1000 techs, DBAs, Unix admins, network admins, project managers, Oracle support staff, forum participants, and bloggers worldwide to decipher the documents and get them to to work.


Math Joke

December 1, 2011

Math Joke

Math Joke

Do you get it?  🙂

Try It Now!

May 4, 2011

Try It Now!

Here is a funny Kids In The Hall episode from the 90s. Trying to start their car.

Guessing. Trial and error. Testing ridiculous things clearly unrelated to the problem. Funny!

Does it remind you of any tech people that you work with?!

Joke for Database Architects

September 15, 2010

In SQL databases there is no such thing as a “relationship”.

There are only foreign key constraints.   🙂

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