Analysis of Adobe Acrobat Reader Update: How To Finally Shut It Up!

November 20, 2011

Analysis of Adobe Acrobat Reader Update: How To Finally Shut It Up!

Adobe Acrobat Reader likes to update. And update. And update. Ever notice? I turned the update off. But it still continued to update.  I expect computers and software to serve me. Not the other way around. When I tell software to not update, guess what that means?

Analysis of Adobe Acrobat Reader and Updater:

So I decided to do what I do at work a lot. Reverse engineer much of the system and solve the problem.   Here the things I tried, and some of my analysis.  Not in chronological order.

Installed Programs:

I looked at the installed programs.

Adobe Installed Programs From Windows Installer

Adobe Installed Programs From Windows Installer

There is Abobe. But there is no specific program for the updater.

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Someone has hacked my email account via Facebook! And I can’t fix it!

August 14, 2011

Facebook has been giving me some serious security problems lately! And IT’S NOT EVEN MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!!!!

Short Version:

Someone has used one of my email addresses as an alternate in their Facebook account.
Facebook actually allowed them to do that!
Because of whatever Facebook did and/or didn’t do in their systems, I could actually login to the culprit’s facebook account via my Yahoo account!
But now the other Facebook user has once again changed my email’s password, and I can’t login to my Yahoo email again!
Nor can I contact Facebook to get them to correct it!

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Why Is Your Software Such Crap??!!!

November 6, 2010

Recently I had the idea of copying some old VHS cassettes that I have, into MPEG files on disk, and then upload them to Youtube.  Simple enough, right?

I did manage to get the transfer to MPEG files to work ok.  It’s so much easier working with MPEG files than dealing with tapes.  Interestingly enough, I’m told some companies still use tapes for backups.  And I still wonder, why??  Disk is so cheap now, and has so many advantages.  Would you ever transfer your MPEG files to VHS cassettes?

The Simple Design I Was Looking For:

I knew that for Youtube, I would have to split up the MPEG files into shorter 10 minute segments.  What I was thinking of, was something that I’ve already seen.  The software would take a long mpeg file:
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