Using Opera And Zone Alarm To Stop Annoying Flash Advertising!

Don’t you just hate all those websites that use flash? And more flash. And banners. And animation. And videos. All over the webpages. And any and all other crap that interferes with the content that you went to see in the first place?

I often have many browser windows open, and multiple tabs in each window. Most of the computer memory gets taken up by the browsers. And then much of the CPU being used, is just being used to display webpages!

I get really annoyed with all the crap that is thrown at me by some websites. All it does is slow down my machine. The swine! What did they think the result would be? That I would reward them with a click? Or a purchase???? Duh!

I discovered some cool features in Opera that I’ve been able to use, along with the Zone Alarm firewall to make things easier.

First, install Zone Alarm and Opera. These notes were made using Opera version 11.50.

Opera Remove Node:

Open the Opera browser and go to an annoying website.

Then, right click on the annoying ad.

Another Annoying Ad

Another Annoying Ad

Then Click, Inspect element.

This should bring up a window underneath the panel. The third party source of the culprit flash ad will be shown.

Opera Inspect Element

Opera Inspect Element

At this point, you can right click the highlighted text. Then, “Remove Node”. And it’s gone! Cool!

Of course, doing this for the multiple ads that they throw at you more and more, becomes time consuming, and defeats the purpose of not wasting your time.

Zone Alarm Firewall:

So, I made a list of what the offensive domains were. Then, I went into Zone Alarm, and blocked them with the firewall

Zone Alarm, Block Website

Zone Alarm, Block Website

Zone Alarm, Firewall, Zones, Add Host/Site, Blocked. Exit and save.

When you return to these websites, you will find that the placeholder for the ad will be there. But no more offensive ad. Sometimes it will be blank. And other times you will get a message, “Could not connect to Remote server”.

Good! That’s what’s supposed to happen.

Error Console:

Opera also has an error console. I find this useful to see what other funny business is going on.

In Opera: The error console
From the Opera main menu, select Page > Developer Tools > Error Console.

It’s very interesting to see all the other websites that are somehow linked to a website you are browsing.

Ad Block:

Opera also has an ad block, similar to Firefox. Although I haven’t tried it yet.

Opera Browser:

Another way to block ads is to do it in Opera itself.   Go into Preferences, Advanced, Content, Blocked Content.

Opera Block Content

Opera Block Content

Opera Block Content Detail

Opera Block Content Detail

You can also customize by website. But I think that starts to be a lot of work.

Although, even after doing all this, some websites still use a lot of CPU!!!!

Wish List:  Is There An Extended Task Manager??

What I’d really like to see would be a tool that would extend Task Manager a lot more. In Task Manager, I can see the grand total summaries for the CPU and the network activity.

I’d like to have the CPU and network activity broken down even further to every individual tab, on every webpage. Then, when I have 10 webpages open, and multiple tabs on each, I would be able to selectively kill the worst tabs on all the webpages.

Does anyone know a tool that will do this? If so, please let me know.

Hope this is useful!

Happier browsing!

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