DBA_OBJECTS Tree – Modelled As A Graph in NEO4J, Visualized With Gephi

July 31, 2013

The structure for Oracle objects is a tree structure. Not a table structure in rows and columns.

As I wrote in my posts on the parents and children of database objects, a tree structure of Oracle object might be:


In another post, there is a query I wrote to show object dependencies. DBA_DEPENDENCIES will show the object’s parents. Or the children. But only one level up, or down.

Trying to see the tree structure using SQL queries is problematic. The reason being, the output from SQL is not a tree at all. And, as I wrote before, the very same object can be seen multiple times in the output.

NEO4J And Gephi:

Recently, I’ve been using the graph database, NEO4J. It is perfectly suited to create tree structures and store them in a database.

In Oracle 11.2, I snagged the data from DBA_OBJECTS and DBA_DEPENDENCIES, created Cypher commands to insert the nodes into NEO4J, and created the relationships/vertexes between the nodes. Then I used Gephi to visualize the graph with different layouts. See some different output.

All the parents and children of the View, SYS.DBA_OBJECTS, and the Synonym, PUBLIC.DBA_OBJECTS.

Yifan Hu Layout of DBA_OBJECTS

Yifan Hu Layout of DBA_OBJECTS

Using the Yifan Hu layout radiates all the nodes.  Read the rest of this entry »

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