Someone has hacked my email account via Facebook! And I can’t fix it!

August 14, 2011

Facebook has been giving me some serious security problems lately! And IT’S NOT EVEN MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!!!!

Short Version:

Someone has used one of my email addresses as an alternate in their Facebook account.
Facebook actually allowed them to do that!
Because of whatever Facebook did and/or didn’t do in their systems, I could actually login to the culprit’s facebook account via my Yahoo account!
But now the other Facebook user has once again changed my email’s password, and I can’t login to my Yahoo email again!
Nor can I contact Facebook to get them to correct it!

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Overcoming The Malware “XP Internet Security”

May 1, 2011

Viruses, worms, trojans, and rogue antispyware software are getting pretty sophisticated.  As careful as I am, one caught me today, on a computer I don’t usually use.  Usually I use Firefox.  But I opened up Google Chrome, right clicked on a link, and open in new window.  Suddenly, I got one of those phony webpages telling me that I had a virus, and doing a scan.

Zone Alarm did not catch it, which is pretty disappointing.  I set it to deny, as I usually do, but it still executed.

ZoneAlarm and XCV.exe

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