Presentation: Graph Databases – Overview and Applications

In April 2014, I gave a presentation at my Alma Mater, the University of Winnipeg: Graph Databases – Overview and Applications

It was presented to the faculty and students of the Applied Computer Science Master’s program.

Most had not seen graph databases before. However, I expect that some of them will be using graphs in the near future.  🙂

A PDF of the presentation can be found here:

Graph Databases Presentation – PDF


Some of the topics of the presentation were:

Four types of Big Data database: Key Value, Column, Document, Graph

Comparisons between graph and relational databases.

Situations where graph databases are superior to RDBMS.

Data models: RDBMS vs Graph

Transitive closures

Tree structures

Organizations using graphs: Google, Linked IN, Facebook, Cisco, T-Mobile, NSA

Applications for graphs

Social network analysis

Analyzing text:
History and influence of Philosophers, Writers
Social Network of Homer, Alexander the Great

World Events

Market Intelligence: which executives own which companies?

Financial Exposure

Financial Networks

Corporate Ownership

How Google Uses Graphs

Overview of NSA’s graph database

Fraud – Check kiting schemes

Shortest Paths

Social Network Prediction Engine

Graph Databases on the market


Job Trends

Universities offering degrees in Data Science



I hope it’s useful. Enjoy!



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