Big Advances In Oracle Data Storage

Recently I went to see an Oracle presentation on storage.  Since they have bought Sun, they have been doing some really cool things with data storage.

One concept is to use flash memory, rather than hard disks.  This is something that I’ve thought of since 2001, when I was attempting to insert the billion rows a day into Oracle.   It’s good to see that the idea is finally becoming mainstream.  Perhaps they should have hired me years ago.  🙂

One of their ideas is to use different levels of storage.  Flash memory for the current and frequently used data.  Disks for older data.  Tape for really old data.  Although I’m surprised that companies are still using tape, given how cheap a one terabyte sata drive is these days.  So, in addition to handling the data in the database, they can handle all the data on the file systems now.  Word documents, PPT, PDF files, etc.

Oracle’s Content Management concept is to keep the electronic version (PDF, PPT, DOC, etc) and put it on a hard drive.  Describe the docs with metadata, and store the structured metadata in a database.

Apparently, their servers are performing much better, and cost less than EMC’s.  Although I haven’t been able to personally confirm this yet, since I don’t have access to both Sun and EMC disk arrays and servers.

Cool stuff.  I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


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